Kisspeptin 10 (KP-10)


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Top Benefits: Increases LH levels and increases testosterone in men.  FOR USE BY MEN.
Form: Injectable liquid
Max Time Used: 6 – 8 Weeks

The KISS1 gene, which controls the hormone kisspeptin, may one day regulate the mammalian reproductive system.

The most potent and effective member of the kisspeptin peptide family is kisspeptin-10, commonly known as KP-10. Kisspeptin may have a crucial role in the early phases of reproductive development, according to research.

The hormone gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) is stimulated by kisspeptin-10. The exogenous administration of this neuropeptide, which is normally released by the hypothalamus, is thought to be an important regulator of GnRH.

Additionally, it is known that Kisspeptin-10 raises LH levels in both men and women. Therefore, Kisspeptin-10 can also be referred to as an LH secretagogue.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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