Plateaus , stalls in weightloss can be minimized.

19th Jan 2024

Stalls are normal, body adjusts. There's more important variables to consider than anyone ever thinks about.

 #1 is BMR Basal Metabolic Rate. This 100% needs to be checked before adjusting anything else. 99% of people do not check and blame lack of progress on wrong thing.  

Counter intuitively, the normal way to counter avg body temp from dropping is to have a normal calorie day at least 1x per week. 

This would fool your body to thinking your not in a famine, drought and lower it's BMR, metabolism.

Try this first before other things. You can measure BMR by checking your body temp at waking. Even a temp lower by 0.2 degrees brings your BMR normal calorie level down by ~500 calories ....bad for losing weight. It's why we lose weight when we have fevers.

Rule this out before anything. If you keep dieting hard, you'll lose weight, more muscle, not good. 

Best of health !

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